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If you are involved in supplying, installing or using Firepumps the following information will be important to you !


Since the introduction of AS 2941-2013 in the Australian market, a great deal of work has been done by PIA and FPAA to ensure close compliance to the specific requirements listed in the Standard. Electric and Diesel driven Firepumps are often complex units, which are vital in the protection of life and property in sprinklered buildings. It is important to verify that every unit complies with the technical requirements of AS 2941 to ensure absolute reliability. A checklist has now been produced for all suppliers of this type of equipment to use at the key stages of design, manufacture and installation and we hope it will be adopted by the Industry over time.

We encourage all members to introduce this checklist into their QA program to improve the overall level of compliance and this may be downloaded from the PIA website without charge.

Download the AS2941-2013 Fire Pump Checklist


Send a copy of the Fire Pump Installation Checklist form to:

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